Greenhouse Cover

Greenhouse Cover

We produce greenhouse nylon from quality original raw materials.

Greenhouse covers are sent in desired size.

Greenhouse nylons are UV+IR+EVA and antifog additive.

Greenhouse cover types have the feature of not dripping moisture and water in the greenhouse.

It does not pass harmful sun rays.

Special production is made in desired sizes.

Greenhouse nylon reduces cooling by retaining heat at night.

Greenhouse nylon increases product yield.

Since it changes the wavelength of light during the day, it prevents plants from scorching in hot and sunny weather.

Greenhouse nylon provides regular distribution of light in the greenhouse.

Increases the effectiveness of light.

Greenhouse cover eliminates the problem of slow growth due to dense plants shading each other.

Greenhouse nylon prevents flowers from being affected by low and high temperatures and promotes the production of quality flowers.

Greenhouse nylon prevents flowers from being stressed.

Greenhouse nylon reduces the impact of diseases and damages.